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  • Mattress 8001A – Alovera Super King Size 180×200

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    Aloe Vera Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress – Super King Size 180×200

    One of the best available Mattresses in the market.

    – High count pocket spring unit. Soft aloe Vera treated fabric
    – High density Visco Memory foam, Latex, Coconut and Reflex foam for comfort.
    – Non turn, no hassle mattress. Does not require turning but occasional rotating.

    Gel visco or gel memory foam consists of gel particles fused with visco foam to reduce trapped body heat, speed up spring back time and help the mattress feel softer. Memory foam was subsequently used in medical settings. For example, it was commonly used in cases where the patient was required to lie immobile in their bed on a firm mattress for an unhealthy period of time.

    Latex Memory foam in all tests which measure comfort, like proper blood circulation. Pressure point relief is a clear sign of comfort. A memory foam mattress offers your body the best sleep surface on the market, with better blood circulation and contouring support being big pluses.
    Made using certified organic & natural components only.
    Heat dissipates through the latex layer and away from the body.

1 item